🍿 TV

A streaming TV-service using full movies from youtube

🍸 Cocktail builder

Built with Deno + Fresh

Swedish calendar πŸ“…

Calendar with week numbers and swedish holidays/theme-days

🧩 Sudoku

Mobile friendly and keyboard adapted sudoku game

HTTP Status CodesπŸ’»

"What does 504 mean again?"

Movie scores🎞️

Ratings for current movies presented as bar chart

πŸ—žοΈ RSS News

Simple RSS-reader with predefined RSS feeds

πŸ₯Š MMA Rankings

Rankings for upcoming UFC events

⏲️ Timer Bee

Simple countdown timer

πŸ•™ Clock

Clock, timers and world-time presented in various visual themes

πŸ•ΊπŸ» 80s giforama

80's GIF style music video

⌨️ Hacker-type

Pretend like you can write code really fast

πŸ’¬ Code-quotes

Rotating quotes from famous programmers

⌨️ SpeedTyper

Multiplayer quick typing game

⌨️ Music player

Web radio & music visualizer